Paddle For Life

Tools for our Blue Planet


The Main Academy was founded in Fladbury England, in 1984, by former Olympic Coach David W Train.

Since that time, many young people have, through their energy and spirit, inspired David to create a set of tools to help people across the world solve the problems of our time and take the first step towards a positive and creative future for all.

The symbol of this work is talked about as being “The Paddle for Life”

The tools are:

  • The Bell Boat: An “Hawaiian style” twin hull boat as a “school on the water” with it’s symbols of hope
  • The Paddle for life: A “Chinese style” paddle for all the children to make
  • The Main Voyages: Inspiring journeys for communities and business to take part in
  • The Main Regattas: Fun events for schools, youth groups and communities to take part in
  • The Paddle for Life “Perpetual Trophy”: Signed by world leaders all over
  • The Walter and Winnie stories: Poignant and resonant stories that children enjoy and engage with


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