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Former Olympic coach pushes paddle out

David Train meets Lord Ahmed – full story here:


A FORMER Olympic coach from Fladbury has visited the House of Lords to push his Paddle for Life campaign.

David Train made the trip to London on Tuesday, September 13, where he met and spoke to Lord Ahmed about his paddle project and got the Labour peer to sign the Mirpur Paddle for Life – in the combat against climate change.

Lord Ahmed promised to inspire the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, to sign the paddle, which Mr Train hopes will lead to President Xi of China joining the campaign too.

The paddle will be used as a perpetual trophy for the Mirpur-Main Regatta in Mirpur – where Lord Ahmed was born – following the model that was developed in Fladbury.

“In July I was approached by Mushtaq Hussain from Burton upon Trent who is setting up a water sports activity centre in Mirpur,” said Mr Train.

“He had seen the bell boat at a water sports centre in Leicestershire, thought it was a wonderful invention and wanted one to copy for Pakistan.

“He did not know about the ideas attached to it, but when he did he became highly enthusiastic and I saw a brilliant opportunity to further the Worcestershire cause by giving Mushtaq a bell boat and all the ideas that come with it,” he added.

The boats will arrive in Pakistan in early October.

Bellboat gift to Pakistan from Fladbury in the UK

The Spirit of Noah’s Ark and Energy Climate Era has been gifted by David Train to the people of Pakistan. The vessel will be arriving in the City of Mirpur in Azad Kashmir in early September 2015.

Mr Mushtaq Hussain and his team at the UK Watersports Club will soon be paddling and using the Main Academy tools to educate, inform and have fun.

Here is the full story with accompanying letters:

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